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While driving back to the CP office this afternoon, SportsTalk 980 got a lot of callers complaining that they’ve had it with Dan Snyder‘s drama. They have Redskins Fatigue! Several callers uttered the unthinkable: there are other area teams worth cheering.

“The Lady Terps are looking pretty good,” one caller offered. He was serious, too.

Another said he was about to start rooting for a football team a day-trip away. He predicted that next season he’d be a Jacksonville Jaguars fan.

And still others professed a desire to perhaps start obsessing over the Caps, the Wizards, and the Hoyas—at least until training camp.

I admit I’m siding with the callers. I’m tired of reading about, hearing about, thinking about who is going to end up coaching the Redskins next season. Snyder so bungled the process he’s burned the goodwill I had for him. The owner proved an admirable human being in the immediate aftermath of the Sean Taylor tragedy. Now, I’m just tired of him and all the angst over the Skins.