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Pretty uneventful weekend on the news front. Highlights include winds and a dashing former AFC quarterback getting his second promotion of his offseason. On that latter front, let’s just take you “around the Zorn”:

*Wilbon says an important Redskins moment without fanfare, without great expectations, is a good thing.

*Wise writes that…well, actually what DOES Wise say? (Reading again to see what Wise actually says.) OK, checked again, and Wise doesn’t actually say anything. No thing linkworthy, at least.

*Smart poster on extremeskins.com says that if Zorn had been all that, they would have given him the same deal they gave to Mora—i.e., taking over the reins when Holmgren steps down.

*The Washington Times sounds like some announcer on CBS’s JV team in the broadcast booth: “But like most coaching hires, it all depends on the quarterback. And for Zorn, his stamp on the Redskins will be Campbell’s development. As it should be — that’s how he got the job. ” Real original analysis there, Moonies!

*The Examiner reports on a council bill to limit noise levels. Yeah, like the cops and the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs will go out and enforce that!

*On other D.C. news fronts, the Post on Saturday reported on the resolution of its mysterious Friday scoop about the D.C. tax-office servers that showed up in a Columbia Heights alley. In the end, nothing doing here: Servers were properly disposed of by the gov’t and had lame data on them to begin with.

*Inane Outlook piece of the week: Ya know, on Friday Slate columnist Jack Shafer wrote an awesome hit on the Newseum, saying that with all the money spent on this lavish monument to a dying profession, hey, perhaps it could be used to actually save the profession, or at least a newspaper. Well, I feel the same about all that cash that funds stupid stories glorifying the wonders of French living. Yeah, resveratrol, pedestrian living, moderation, and so on. We know, we know, we know too well.

Now here comes Pamela Druckerman pointing out that French women continue having sex late into their lives, whereas American women don’t.

Druckerman says that if she is to grow old, she wants to do it in Paris. What’s stopping you, Pam? Visa troubles?