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Hillary Clinton supporters are gathering in downtown Mt. Pleasant’s Lamont Park. I plan to observe this gathering.”

“Well,” my friend murmured. “Perhaps you can help me move after the gathering.”

“Of course,” I replied. A few minutes later, I took leave of my friend and walked to Lamont Park. The day was sunny, and unseasonably warm. When I arrived at the Lamont Park gathering, I found few Hillary Clinton enthusiasts in attendance. However, one woman who had declared herself “pro-Hillary” smiled at my approach.

“Go Hillary!” the lonely Hillary enthusiast exclaimed. Signs she carried reflected her pro-Hillary sentiment.

“Hello,” I replied. Few seem interested in this Hillary enthusiast’s cause, I thought.

“Super Tuesday was less than a week ago, but you publicly support Hillary’s cause in this neighborhood,” I continued. “Why has no one shown up to support Obama?”

“Obama’s people are too slow,” the woman replied.

“Too slow,” I repeated. I photographed the lonely woman, recording her lonely image for all posterity, and left to help my friend move. In the future, I thought, I will regard this photograph as proof that Mt. Pleasant did not support Hillary Clinton for President. But how can the political temperature of Mt. Pleasant be taken from a mere photograph? Perhaps 100 people were here rallying in support of Hillary before I arrived. Or, perhaps 100 people will show up to support Hillary five minutes after I leave. The day drew colder, and the sun hid itself behind a cloud. Either way, I concluded, my friend’s dresser will be heavy.