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Well, that’s sort of an exaggeration.

In case you haven’t been listening to the pledge drive: local Morning Edition host Bill Redlin just let it slip that he doesn’t vote in primaries, since he doesn’t want people to think he’s biased. Diane Rehm says “That’s interesting,” then goes on to say that she’s moving back to DC and plans to become one of the many loud voices demanding statehood and legislative power.

All I have to say is Woo! Diane! I just don’t understand journalists who refuse to vote out of some ideal of objectivity. One, objectivity is impossible. And two, as newspapers slowly die, there’s more and more space for niche publications that don’t put such a premium on enforcing a strict ban on having a point of view. (I’m not into partisan journalism for myself, but I certainly have my own take on things.) Also, how the hell does skipping the primary and not the general election serve objectivity?