Notes from campaign volunteers from this morning:

Barack Obama supporters:

  • Ian Martinez, head of DC for Obama: I’m really busy…come to 901 Rhode Island Ave., NE. A thousand people are going to be meeting at 1 p.m.
  • Sonny Jackson, Howard University senior and volunteer coordinator: We’re having a rally at 1 p.m. at Cramton Auditorium, located on 6th street, which runs directly through Howard. We have hundreds of volunteers, maybe 200-250. We have a Facebook group that is just for Howard with 400 people. This rally is very important; we genuinely feel this election is a once in a lifetime thing. Senator Obama really has this vision that a lot of people are just plugging into…How many people are going to be there? Classes are still going on. We have contacted hundreds of people. I sent out 600 text messages last night. Once the momentum builds, we should have over a hundred people out here. Afterward, we’re sending people out to all the wards…I’ll be in Ward 1 probably.
  • My mom, volunteer canvasser for Barack Obama in Bethesda: I just finished. It was really cold out there. I’m going to Chipotle to reward myself.

Hillary Clinton supporters:

  • Ward 2 Volunteer Coordinator Desi Deschaine: I did the morning rush at M.L.K. Library downtown. I’ll do the evening rush too. There seemed to be a pretty equal number of Hillary and Barack supporters. The polling operations were very smooth…No, I don’t know where Hillary is…I know all the pundits seem to be saying that they expect Barack to take D.C. We’re hoping for the best showing possible. We always think D.C. is winnable. We’re not a ‘winner take all’ primary…So, we have no real set goal in mind. You need more than fifteen percent to qualify to have delegates at the convention…”
  • Irene Bueno, National Director of Asian Pacific Islander Outreach: People don’t think about Asian-Americans until maybe the general election. Last Spring, we rolled out the D.C. chapter of Asian-American and Pacific Islanders for Hillary…We go to the community events. We went to the stores. We went to the Eden Center in Virginia. We had a rally with the Indian-American community in Langley. We have placed op-eds in Asian-American community newspapers…I think California is the only place they actually polled Asians…Hillary’s in Texas. She’s in El Paso in the afternoon. She was in the Senate this morning.