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WTOP’s Mark Segraves likes to call Mayor Adrian M. Fenty “Mayor 142” owing to his sweep of all 142 city election precincts against Linda Cropp in 2006.

Well, Fenty ain’t the sweepiest guy in town any more. Call Barack Obama “President 142,” ’cause he matched Fenty’s feat, according to LL’s preliminary readings of the returns.

Fenty said it himself at the victory rally tonight at the Madison Hotel: “This wasn’t just a normal sweep. This was a clean sweep.”

Of course, let’s give credit where credit is due: It’s Fenty’s Big Green Machine, coupled with the huge Obama grassroots effort, that turned out the vote big in the District for Obama. A little perspective: The reported turnout of 114,012 Democratic voters represents for than two-and-a-half times the 43,836 voters that materialized to vote for John Kerry, Howard Dean & Co. four years ago (let alone the 21,021 that voted for Al Gore et al. in 2000). It also outpaced the 106,288 that turned out for the Cropp-Fenty battle back in 2006 and nearly beat the more than 122,000 that voted in that year’s general election.

LL takes back any doubts he ever had about your support for Obama, Mr. Mayor. Give Falcicchio and Lindenfeld nice big win bonuses!