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So I’m sure the Joe Krebs crowd was all hyped up about the weather this morning.  There were cancellations, postponements, and, I’m sure, all manner of on-the-spot reports from the area highways and byways.

And for what?

For some rain, that’s what. Funny, thing—I was up late last night and caught the venerable Bob Ryan on NBC4, giving us the lowdown on all this mayhem. In his opening summary Ryan said something about temperatures being “well below” freezing in the District. OK, so then Ryan turns to his regional temperature map. And there, right in the middle is the temperature for the District: 33 degrees. Send Ryan back to 8th grade Introduction to Physical Science!

The scare tactics of Ryan and others affect people. This morning, for example, I went to the grocery mart. No one there. Walked to work. Parking spaces everywhere.

Fellow regioners, if we want to make the top of all those “Best Places to Live 2008” lists, we’ve got to be more productive. We’ve got to take the weather—the rain—head-on. Don’t listen to the reports. Just put on some clothes and get out there. I’m very disappointed in how we as a region handled this morning. We’re not setting a good tone here. Much room for improvement.