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Note to so-called sanitation engineers the region over: You’ve got nothing on the City of Alexandria’s Department of Transportation & Environmental Services, Solid Waste Division. Every Thursday morning I watch these monsters of refuse collection fly up my street, leaving it cleaner than Mel Gibson‘s urine.

The only guys faster than my garbagemen are the recycling dudes. Check out their speed on this completely non-weird video starring Robbie the Recycling Squirrel. The recycling guys appear to work for Bates Trucking, which must be an awesome company if the City of Alexandria’s partnered with it.

After the recycling dudes sprinted up the street, taking care to clean up bottles and cans that had blown out of our bins the night before, the city fellows arrived, and they took the bundles and bundles of construction debris—-which they totally do not have to do—-that my neighbors left out.

Alexandria Department of Transportation & Environmental Services, Solid Waste Division: You’re the real deal. Other solid waste departments in this area are a bunch of wusses compared to you.