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D.C. novelist Louis Bayard, who’s done some fine work for City Paper as a film reviewer, is moving on, taking a full-time-ish gig as a book critic for Salon.com. As he points out on his homepage, this shouldn’t affect his home-bound routines much:

I admit there are some advantages to my lifestyle. They are enumerated in descending order of importance.

1) I sometimes go a whole day without showering. Some days, I don’t shower at all.
2) I pass gas whenever I want to. It feels good.
3) I sing—really loudly.
4) I dance.
5) Every month or so, I get to have one of those Holly Hunter 20-second crying jags (from “Broadcast News”) without alarming anyone. Except my dog. Who can abide my singing but not my crying.

If you want to congratulate him in person, swing by Politics & Prose tomorrow afternoon, where he’ll take part in a panel discussion about the National Book Critics Circle awards and its recent recommendation project, Good Reads. Also on the panel: critic-blogger Scott McLemee, Washington Post Book World critic Ron Charles, critic and Author Author host Bethanne Patrick, and poet Michael Collier.