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I think I judged Chuck Klosterman too soon. His column this month in Esquire is an ode to the television genius of the McLaughlin Group, and it’s clueless/brilliant host John McLaughlin. The show has recently become my favorite Sunday morning ritual. McLaughlin is loud and domineering, and often seems obsessed with overly-simplistic summary judgments. But the man is brilliant. (And not just because he has a Ph.D. in philosophy from Columbia.) He has a strange ability to manipulate egos and interests of his odd little roundtable (who sit around a very funny looking table). He finds a way to make Eleanor Clift not sound whiny as she tries to interrupt and say something reasonable, as Pat Buchanan delivers his touchy-feely conservatism and the annoying new blonde radio lady prattles on with her inept platitudes. Also, McLaughlin’s wardrobe is something special.

The story isn’t online yet, but FishbowlDC has a handy summary.