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Ever since I purchased my new-to-me Toyota Corolla, I’ve tried to be a semi-careful driver. I can be crazy on 295. And I have been busted multiple times for all but ignoring stop signs. But at least with this new car, I obeyed most signs most of the time. I avoided hitting pedestrians. I haven’t parked illegally. I’ve been careful to slow down at the traffic camera on upper 16th. I sometimes even clicked on my turn signal when changing lanes.

But a few nights ago, two drivers rode my bumper and honked their horns. I didn’t know why they were honking at me. I thought about my driving etiquette. I didn’t think I fucked those drivers over. I didn’t cut them off. I didn’t turn my Corolla into a pace car.

And then last night I realized what these citizens were honking at. They were honking at the space where my paper tag used to be. They were trying to tell me I was driving without tags. They were trying to tell me my temp tag had been stolen.

So thanks to the good citizens for trying to warn me that I had been driving illegally all this time.