WIR did a lot of Web searching on Sunday but failed to come up with an Op-Ed or rant touching on the imperative of the month: Ending the fraud that is President’s Day. This is a country that needs to work, not lounge.

Turns out the media uses this most bogus of all holidays as an excuse to ease up on the journalism pedal, as follows:

*The Washington Post tells the same old story about Ohio.

*The New York Times tells the same old story about the superdelegates.

*The Examiner reached for some wire copy on the story of the weekend, that insane and tragic accident in Accoceek.

*Politico gives the full patdown on the Clinton campaign’s efforts to slow this “rush to judgment” on the Democratic nomination.

*The Alexandria Gazette Packet, meanwhile, jumps into the prez mix with a piece on the cogitations of superdelegate Jim Moran, the Virginia congressman who decided to support Obama, though he’s high on both remaining contenders.

That’s all from WIR.