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We’ve read about the Obama-as-rock-star so much it’s now cliche. We’ve also read way too many articles about Obama’s potential to bring about great things like rainbows, free puppies, and awesome healthcare.

But one website offers you a seemingly unlimited list of all the things Obama has done for you personally, what he thinks of you, and what kinds of things remind him of you. It’s hilarious. And I admit I’ve wasted way too much time clicking through it to find out how Obama feels about me, that he told my dad nice things about me, that he loves my laugh, and that he made me a mixtape.

Is the site a parody of Obama’s hype? Or is it a genuine nod at Obama’s likeability? I’m not sure. The site is definitely a great time killer especially on a holiday.

Thanks to this Slate article on Obama’s hipness for referencing the site.