Stetson’s Bar and Grill on U St. is covered with these ads for LifeStyles condoms (up-and-coming frat house decorators can click for a free poster). The ad series features pictures of half-naked ladies along with tags that describe each girl’s particular “lifestyle”: from “Spontaneous” to “Naughty,” “Impulsive” to “Ready-to-Go.”

These “lifestyles,” of course, suggest the way that the girls like to have sex. Fine. But they also, obviously, play off the name of the condoms, which is why the above ad, situated directly across from the toilet in Stetson’s upstairs bathroom, rubbed me the wrong way. I don’t mind that the girl with the undersized tanktop on the washing machine enjoys a dirty “lifestyle.” The implication that she enjoys a dirty LifeStyle, though, is significantly less sexy.