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If you thought the stakes in District of Columbia v. Heller couldn’t be higher than a last-stand defense of cities and states to keep dangerous weapons off the streets/last-stand defense of the rights of American individuals to keep and bear arms, you’re missing the potential impact on the D.C. taxpayer.

Deep in Tony Mauro‘s rundown of the legal machinations behind the Heller case in this week’s Legal Times is this tidbit:

…[Chief pro-gun-rights lawyer Alan] Gura estimates his billable hours at more than $1 million, which he hopes to extract from the D.C. government if he wins.

The rest of the article’s sure worth a read—-Mauro’s the best reporter in town no one’s ever heard of. Good stuff in there about controversy in the federal Solicitor General’s Office and exactly how Dick Cheney‘s wrapped up in all this. And there’s plenty of controversy in Gura’s camp about who will get to argue how much of the 30-minute oral argument scheduled for March 18.

Only problem: Legal Times has a Web firewall. So either register, try bugmenot.com, or high-tail it to the waiting room of the law firm of your choice.