While we wait for news on the Elijah Dukes—related press conference (Yo, Sheinin! Fewer Drive-By Truckers shoutouts, more live-bloggin’!), let’s catch up with the Nats bloggers.

  • Hard not to lead with Capitol Punishment’s grab from the Washington Times‘ blog of Jim Bowden tooling (was ever a verb so apt?) around on a customized Nats Segway. “What’s amazing about the mode of transportation,” Chris Needham writes, “is that it makes you completely glance over the flowing mane… looks like someone’s been to Siegfried’s haidresser!”

    Well, it’s not calling him “leatherpantsboy,” at least. Or saying he looks like “A confused old man with a bad toupee wondering why the line at Denny’s is so long?” Larger point, though: “Is it any wonder that nobody takes us seriously?”

  • Sworn City Paper adversary Dan Steinberg reports on Thomas Jefferson‘s brown nose.
  • Much talk lately about Bowden’s balloon signings of Odalis Perez and Bret Boone.

    Federal Baseball, easily the most detail-rich Nats blog, gives a good overview of Perez’s career and mentions only off-handedly that a certain group of bloggers may soon be COMPLETELY DEVASTATED.

Incidentally, I took a tour of the new Nats stadium this week and take back everything bad I ever thought about the stadium deal. Even the $5 seats are amazing.

UPDATE: Sheinin blogged the press conference. Elijah Dukes: once a “hard-headed guy” but now an “easy-going guy” and a “fun-loving guy.”