*Want to feel safe in this city? Find a police camera, and don’t walk more than 250 ft away from it, says a report presented by District Police Chief Cathy Lanier. According to an article in this morning’s Post Metro section, violent crime went up roughly 1 percent citywide last year. But near the cameras, violent crime decreased 19 percent. Hmmm. There must not be too many cameras on my block. Marc Fisher is also not terribly impressed with the stats.

*So, John McCain might have had an affair with a now 40 year-old lobbyist, the New York Times reports. She looks a lot like his wife. Maybe he got confused?

Nothing like this has ever happened before in history. Not on the campaign trail. Not for a leading candidate. No way.

*In this morning’s Washington Examiner, U.S. Attorney Jeffrey Taylor describes a case in which a supposedly trusted community figure sought to have sex with a 14 year-old girl. “This case tragically illustrates that child predators come from all walks of life, even those sworn to uphold the law.” The predator was a D.C. cop.