First, Barack Obama Is Your New Bicycle graced the 2008 election season with its mildly pleasant imaginary Obama scenarios like “BARACK OBAMA DREW YOUR PICTURE IN THE SAND” and “BARACK OBAMA SMILED WHEN HE HEARD ME MENTION YOUR NAME.”

Now, companion site Hillary Clinton Is Your New Bicycle has surfaced to provide mildly unpleasant imaginary Clinton scenarios. Among them: “HILLARY CLINTON IS USING ENDNOTES INSTEAD OF FOOTNOTES,” “HILLARY CLINTON’S AWAY MESSAGE IS GIVING YOU AN UNNEEDED GLIMPSE INTO HER PSYCHE,” and “HILLARY CLINTON ASKED FOR THAT WITHOUT BACON.”

As far as Internet memes go, Barack Obama Is Your New Bicycle is a pretty good one: It manages to satirize Obama’s feel-good image without being too fussy or pointed. But this new anti-Hillary development has made me realize just how effective the website’s refreshable stream of pro-Obama sentiments are. When I read that “BARACK OBAMA EMAILED YOUR DAD AND TOLD HIM HOW GREAT YOU ARE,” I don’t believe that Barack Obama actually contacted my father, but part of me believes it’s something that he would do.

I’m a little less convinced of the sentiment behind “HILLARY CLINTON CANCELLED YOUR TIVO SEASON PASS” or “HILLARY CLINTON IS PEERING THROUGH YOUR WINDOW.” I get it: Obama is a charming, personable candidate, while Clinton can come off like a bit of a ‘bot at times. What I don’t like about the new site is that it seems to add a very pointed political stance to the satirical commentary. And it’s making me question whether Barack Obama really loves my laugh.