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D.C.-born cartoonist Charles Burns—his family quickly moved to Seattle, but hey, a native’s a native—is having his brilliant horror-inspired graphic novel, Black Hole, made into a film by David Fincher. (The book, originally serialized in its own comic, recently came out in paperback.) Fincher’s a fine choice for the film—Burns’ obsession with blood-and-guts and social dysfunction is a nice match for the guy who made Zodiac and Fight Club. But having finally gotten around to Eastern Promises (note to self: my wife doesn’t like films in which a knives get shoved into somebody’s eyeballs), I think New York magazine’s blog makes a good point:

In related news, what the hell happened to David Cronenberg? Old Dave should have been all over this one, what with the queasy body experimentation and disfiguring pox, but he’s off making masterfully taut crime thrillers.