So I’ve recently learned to appreciate comic books. Well, I guess you’d call these graphic novels. And I guess you’d call my appreciation an obsession. I devoured Y: The Last Man, a series written by Brian K. Vaughn about what happens when a plague wipes out all the dudes on the planet except for a dorky boy and a capuchin monkey. When I finished the last book, I had myself a nice little cry, half because the ending was so damned perfect and half because I’d run out of comic book. Thankfully, I’ve been saved by The Preacher, which is about a preacher and some trouble in heaven. It’s also really fucking good. Here’s my problem though: I ride the Metro a lot. And rather than reading a book or the paper, I’ve found that the short waits for trains and short rides between stations are perfectly timed for consuming a few chapters of speach bubbles. Only I don’t ever see anyone else reading comics on the subway. Am I exposing myself as a huge dork? Will someone please help me start a trend?