You, DC resident, only have a few more hours to weigh in on an issue of national importance. What message do we as a city want to send out to the rest of the county? Who are we? What matters deeply to us? And most importantly, how can we most appropriately share this…

…on a piece of metal that will float in people’s pockets? That’s right, I’m talking about the quarter. The D.C. Office of the Secretary (Stephanie Scott) has been soliciting suggestions for the District quarter design since late January. The comment period ends at 5 p.m. today. Send ideas to

At least one group has launched a concerted effort to get a certain design in the running. DC Vote wants to see “Taxation Without Representation” on the quarter. The group sent out a blast e-mail to hundreds of group supporters asking them to write in advocating for their design.

Back in December, commenters on DCist chimed in with some funny thoughts. Someone suggested a crack pipe, calling it “our most enduring legacy.” Another person mentioned legendary graffiti artist Cool Disco Dan. Naturally, pandas came up. But this comment resonated with me: “We all know it’s gonna be the Washington Monument in the center and some equally cliche stuff in the periphery. No use arguing it.”