The Oscar post-game coverage feels just as predictable as the event itself. Shales thought the show bogged down with too many clip jobs. He also chides the producers for putting on Miley Cyrus past most of her fans’ bed time. Hasn’t he heard of youtube? Then again Shales actually thought Ellen Page was gonna take home a Best Actress win….The Envelope captures more than enough glitz….The TimesCarpetbagger blog did well in his predictions and notes Hollywood did not have such a good night….

And one last note. Since the Loaf bought this paper, we have lost a tremendous amount of talent. Due to financial imperatives from our Atlanta Mothership, we have lost our production department, our beloved Art Director, as well as many awesome writers in our little newsroom. And this year, the staff cuts have also meant the death of our Oscar Pool.

So shame on you Creative Loafing!

On Friday I confronted our publisher Amy Austin. In past years, Austin helped organize the Pool and collect our ballots. “I’ve been too busy,” she confessed. “We’re saving our money for the NCAA tournament.”

I probably would have lost the office pool anyway. I only got 13 awards right. I cleaned up on the technical awards (thank you Bourne franchise) but got thumped in both Actress and documentary categories. It was enough to win a side bet of a free lunch. I can’t wait to head over to Sticky Fingers!