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From the Cleveland Park message board: The solicitation of “neighbors” to attend a “very special evening to help educate your heart, your mind, and your palate. This is an opportunity to learn more about homelessness—and about wine. Very strange—yes, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy yourselves and learn what you personally can do when you encounter someone who is homeless.”

I love the “educate your heart” phrase. I love the timidity of “encounter someone who is homeless.” No wonder the numbers of homeless people are down in the District!

But where does the wine come in? Well, the Cleveland Park resident writes:

“Well – I have a friend who is training to become a somalier. He’s passed several of the tests required (you wouldn’t believe how difficult the somalier test is!), and is interested in offering wine education seminars – he’s considering this for his next career. He’s currently a wine advisor at Planet Wine in Del Ray. So this is an opportunity for us to learn more about wine, and Jose to “try out” his new career. And, the wine may make us all a bit more relaxed as we learn how each of us can help the homeless people…”

The event will be held at the Cleveland Park Club, Sunday, February 24th, from 6-8. You’ll need some RSVP action before you can get in. But would you really want to go to this?

Really lame correction: I’ve been alerted that this event was held yesterday. Ugh. So aren’t we glad we missed it?