The Skins’ offseason losses continue: First Joe Gibbs, then Gregg Williams. Now Om.

Om is the name used by Gary Mark Steven while moderating, the Dan Snyder-owned and never-boring message board for Redskins obsessives. Steven was listed in the team’s press releases as an owner of the site when Snyder took it over in 2005, thereby making Extremeskins the first fan site ever acquired by a professional sports franchise.

Om has logged more than 16,700 posts there, many of them attacking any media members (present company included) who wrote non-fawning stories about the team or its management. Om threw a bizarre number of smiley faces into his media attacks.

Over the weekend, Steven announced on Snyder’s board that he was stepping down from his moderator position. The retirement comes just weeks after Steven made a rare excursion away from Extremeskins to comment on a piece about Snyder’s message board that appeared as a City Desk item, and thereby incited what ranks among the longest and most brainless comment threads in this site’s history.

So, in appreciation of all the entertainment Om has provided me over the last couple years, I can only say: :).