Your song of the morning courtesy of Mr. Howard Tate (thank you soul sides).

The Post reports that Rhee is looking to outsource the helming of some poor performing schools to universities and non-profits (that seem suspiciously like non-profits that run charter schools). If Rhee makes this happen, it would be the first time the District would attempt such a private-public partnership. The Post writes: “Rhee said she does not consider her proposed arrangement to be privatization because she would retain authority over what an outside partner would do. The organizations could “‘bring in their best practices, structures, schedules, curricula and themes,” she said. “Ultimately, I have control over all the schools.'” Ah, “best practices.” Bingo!

Intangible Arts extols the virtues of a proper pub and a proper pint.

The Vinyl District begins Singer/songwriter Week No. 2 with selections from Paul Westerberg.

The Examiner reports that Metro wants more cops as transit crime has spiked—”Metro officials said this month that riders reported 414 robberies in 2007, a 19 percent jump from 2006.”

The Eagle Blog is relishing the idea of American University‘s men’s basketball team getting the No. 16 seed in the NCAA tournament. The publicity would be huge!