DCist today has a nice breakdown of the Caps’ victory last night over Minnesota, complete with a bit of analysis of recent trade developments. Overall, a great little piece of work by Eli Resnick.

Just one comment thus far, though, and I’ll bet there’s not much more activity on the post before the day’s out.

Which brings me to my point: Does anyone around here give a shit about the Caps, aside from Resnick, our own beloved Matt Borlik, and a few commuters from the exurbs?

NHL attendance stats tend to confirm my hunch: The Caps are 26th of 30 franchises in 2008, just in front of Nashville, Columbus, Phoenix, and the Islanders.

So on the hockey attendance front, D.C. can beat a backwater or two and perhaps a Sunbelt town. And Long Island is just a weird place.

Maybe if the squad gets deep into the playoffs. When are they, anyway—July or something?