Rumors that the awesome new Post game room comes from the largesse of new Publisher Katharine Weymouth are confirmed.

Here’s the skinny, in the format of an e-interview with Weymouth:

WCP: Was this your idea?

Weymouth: yes, it was my idea. Actually, an employee left an article on my desk about other companies that have “fun” stuff like free food and foosball (sp?) tables and I thought – why not – we can have some fun too.

WCP: The newsroom loves you—-you OK with that?

Weymouth: if the newsroom loves me, sure, who doesn’t like to be liked. and soon enuf my honeymoon period will end and I will become known as the battle axe or something so I may as well enjoy it while it lasts;)

WCP: Rumor is that this came from your own funds or maybe your own pocket—is either of these true? Or at least true that it didn’t come from the newsroom budget?

Weymouth: I personally donated the wii and some games and I believe the rest of the budget came from HR.

WCP: What is your vision for the game room going forward?

Weymouth: vision for the game room going forward? that we keep our culture of hard work with first rate talent but be a place that can also have some fun and laugh at ourselves.

Well said, Publisher.

Washington City Paper will stay on top of this story as events warrant.