The 10 most popular City Desk posts in February:
1. Washington Times “Scare Quotes” Are History

2. Chairman of the Bored

3. Photo of the Day, “Fuck You, Bill Belichick” Edition

4. Barnum & Bailey & Davis*

5. Morale Boost at the Post: A Game Room

6. Washington Post Staff Now Huddled With Publisher

7. LNS Makes a Literary Debut

8. The “O” in Obama Has Frosting and Sprinkles

9. Party Report: The Young and the Guest List

10. 2 Girls 1 Cup and 1 Slate Article**

*From January, but Lance fans/haters kept it hopping all month

**Also from January, but timelessness of subject prevailed

Thanks for reading all month, folks. CP staffers whose posts didn’t make the list: Be very afraid.