OK. New condo towers and office spaces are sprouting up all over town. Inevitably, these new buildings require some sort of retail on the first floor. Lately, I’ve been noticing the business of choice seems to be a FedEx Kinko’s, a Wachovia or both. I count three new FedEx or FedEx Kinko’s [is that like when KFC/Taco Bell joined forces?] either moving in or having just moved in to some gentrifying zone. There’s one on M Street in SE by the stadium. There’s one on 14th Street NW. And there’s one in Adams Morgan. I’m sure there’s more. The FedEx Kinko’s website says there’s at least 19 locations in the District. Um, I guess I’m a little late in spotting this trend.

So is FedEx Kinko’s the new CVS?