Finally: Foggy Bottom’s answer to Late Night Shots. A trio of sophomores from The George Washington University have created a photo blog dedicatedto the G.W. nightlife scene. The G-Scene, run by Josh Sasouness, Torrey Ripinsky, and David Spier, documents G.W. after-hours through candid photography and even more candid sexual innuendo! (Full disclosure: As a G.W. student, I personally delivered David Spier’s laundry to his freshman dorm while working part-time for laundry service Soapy Joe’s).

The site celebrated its kick-off last Thursday with a party at Lotus Lounge. Hey, do you guys think you can use your fake I.D.’s to buy me some beer?

From the editors:

If your picture is not on the site…you are wishing it would be…and if your picture is up on the site…you’re wishing you would have smiled better…or worn more clothes. This site is just a comic strip of the life at GW…if you can’t laugh at that..then you have no sense of humor. Everyone can talk all they want but at the end of the day this site makes celebrities out of kids who think they’re already celebrities. This site is immature, at best, but you know what…you check this site once a day, at least. So who are you kidding?

This message is one part disclaimer, one part humor, one part satire, and one part social commentary, and one part fuck you.

This quote, via The Hatchet, from freshman Lindsey Pace, pretty much sums it up: “To be honest, G-scene is lame,” Pace said on her way into Lotus. “It’s kind of high-school.” (emphasis mine).