The 10-day outlook for D.C. on turns up a classic late-winter outlook for this region: Some rain and temperatures in the high 40s, 50s, and 60s. The relative balminess is expected to last through the tail end of that 10-day forecast cycle.

Which means that D.C. may well come out of the ’07-’08 winter without really braving a single bona fide snowstorm. Sure, there’ve been some dustings and some wintry mixes, but nothing to really test the Fenty administration’s snow readiness.

Linda Grant, a spokesperson for the city’s Department of Public Works, says there’ve been more than a dozen winter-weather “events” this season, but many of them were just scares cooked up by forecasters.

Grant is getting back to me on whether the department’s trucks even had to put their plows on the street.