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*The D.C. Council is moving to stop using electric shock therapy to treat local youth, The Examiner reports. Currently, four D.C. students are stationed at the Canton, Mass. Rotenberg Center, which charges the District over $227,000 per child annually. The Rotenberg Center is currently under criminal investigation for alleged misuse of its shock machines, including mistakenly shocking two students “at least 77 times.”

* New sentencing guidelines for crack offenders have been in effect for a couple days, and The Bureau of Prisons reports already having received 400 court orders for reduced sentences for prisoners. The U.S. Sentencing Commission estimates that “3,000 crack offenders are eligible for release within the year”; Mukasey‘s not pleased (via the Post).

* So, Target‘s open. Finally, the people of Columbia Heights will have access to Milla Jovovich‘s high-waisted, wide-legged, belted, linen culottes. Mightn’t the $26.99 peasant top be the first sign of a cultural renaissance?

* Or, fuck culottes and waste your money on Powerball tickets instead. The current estimated jackpot is $173 million. When I win, I’m buying 346 million Miller High Life at Asylum.

* Yesterday’s Post published some responses to Charlotte Allen‘s piece on why women are … sigh. The first winner plucked from the mail bag: “I could not agree more with Charlotte Allen …” Today, help the Post continue to milk the controversy with an interactive bonus feature: At 2 p.m., Allen will chat live about the piece online. Submit your questions here.

Photo by IntangibleArts