Dan Snyder isn’t the only local who’d rather throw his money at another team’s players than at Redskins.

To wit: The upcoming CSA autograph show at Dulles Expo Center in Chantilly.

The show will feature about 60 current and former athletes as signers. Attendees are instructed to buy coupons for each desired autograph online before showing up, and the promoter keeps a running tab on what folks are buying.

Several current and former Skins are for sale—-Laron Landry, Chris Cooley, Earnest Byner, Joe Theismann, and Monte Coleman among them—-but as of now the only local among the 15 most sought after stars is receiver Antwaan Randle El.

Almost all the other top spots are filled out by ex-Pittsburgh Steelers (Terry Bradshaw‘s No. 1) so Randle El’s ranking must have more to do with his role as part of the Steelers’ Super Bowl run than with his rather routine playing career here.

After ARE, Landry is the next most sought after Redskin, and he’s only in 26th place. Cooley, probably the most popular current Skin, ranks just 31st —-or 13 spots behind former Pittsburgh Pirate Dave Parker and 21 spots behind the Steelers’ non-Super Bowl-winning QB Terry Hanratty.

Terry Hanratty?

This situation brings up something that I’ve never figured out in my lifetime of living in the transient D.C. market: Despite geography and respective city size, you meet at least 20 transplants from Pittsburgh around here for every one expat from Philadelphia. The autograph show promoters have obviously recognized this phenomenon: Far as I can tell, there are no Eagles, Phillies, or Flyers being shipped in to sign.

I’m not sure if it’s more bizarre that everybody leaves Pittsburgh, or that nobody leaves Philly.

Any answers, Quaker Staters?