OK, so news that the City Paper is trying to put together another softball team isn’t gonna set knees a-knockin’ around the Metropolitan Media Softball League. Last year, the CP Shadows had their best season ever in a regular season that ended about three weeks before Creative Loafing bought our parent company and proceeded to lay off most of our squad.

Circulation Manager T.J. Ahmed is boldly trying to reconstitute the team. He sent out an e-mail yesterday noting that we need only 20 people (including five women) to sign up so the Shadows can once again provide batting practice for the AP, USA Today, and the dastardly WUSA. (I’d give up every Saturday once again for a chance to wipe that smirk off league weatherman/WUSA personality Howard Bernstein‘s mug!)

So as long as we can sign up half of the remaining staff and nearly every woman who works here, look out, National Press Club! We nearly beat you that one time! And Express: pfft. You lost to US. You better hope we don’t make our numbers!