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*In this morning’s Washington Post, Hillary Clinton’s complain staffers—Oops, campaign staffers—stop whining about the media’s adoration of Barack Obama , and instead concentrate on bashing each other.

*Writer scandals are all the rage again. First, the New York Times revealed that writer Margaret B. Jones created her memoir out of thin air. Then, Slate’s Jack Shafer exposes New York Times reporter Alexei Barrionuevo for plagiarizing from a Bloomberg News story. But what’s one little instance of plagiarizing, right? What, what’s that you say? Shafer already caught him the act last month too.

*President George W. Bush is funny. Sometimes (like yesterday) he just does silly things. Check out the proof in the Washington Examiner’s Yeahs and Nays.

*Also from the Washington Examiner’s Yeas and Nays: “More than a year into her tenure as the first female White House press secretary, Dee Dee Myers was miffed when she learned that a man in another office, whose title was equal to her own, was making $10,000 more than her.”