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Looking for a token to encourage a young baseball fan’s budding love of the game, but turned off by all that baseball-related violence? The Non-Violent Toys Washington Nationals Mix Match may be just the ticket! Special bonus: No reading required!

Some of us would love to have our own stadiums, especially with the world’s largest HDTV. But if you don’t have $611 million to burn, or a locality willing to give you that much money, this remarkably precise replica of Nationals Park will make you feel like a bazillionaire. Just arrange it so you can see the Capitol to the left of the scoreboard, and for a real rich-guy jolt, put a cereal box up that blocks the view.

Finally, for anyone who doesn’t want to be caught empty-handed when his or her child says, “Dad/Mom, how committed were you to the perfectly serviceable players who filled the roster before the Plan kicked in,” this 8×10 photo of OF Austin Kearns will prove you’re no fair-weather fan. Just $49.99 and comes with aluminum frame!