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Slate still remembers Ron Paul: Apparently, Ron Paul is sort of dropping out. Slate writes: “In a strange seven-and-a-half minute address to supporters worldwide, Ron Paul said it was time to scale back the campaign. He’s not quite quitting, but he’s not quite optimistic, either. He admitted that he can’t achieve ‘victory in the conventional political sense.’ President Bush may want to steal that line for his next speech on Iraq.”

You can watch his speech (we warn you: it is dull as hell and just plain weird. Mr. Paul also did not get the memo from City Paper‘s webguys as the video is way over the standard two minute time limit):

We will miss Mr. Paul as well as Mr. Huckabee. And of course, Mr. Romney. All provided plenty of yuks, crackpot theories, flip flops, and straight-to-youtube moments.