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  • He did prostitutes.
  • He did at least one prostitute in D.C., at the Mayflower Hotel.
  • He did prostitutes despite a record that’s built on breaking up organized crime rings.
  • He did prostitutes despite having a wonderful family and a great, supportive wife, Silda Wall Spitzer, who looked like death at his press conference today.
  • He did prostitutes, a fact that most pundits agree post serious political problems for him.
  • He did prostitutes, a fact that old pal Alan Dershowitz calls a big deal in America but no big deal in Europe. (Note to Dersh: This is America.)
  • He did prostitutes, a fact that has occasioned headlines saying that he’s been “linked” to a prostitution ring, a characterization that Spitzer fans, that most shrinking of breeds at this point, think overstates the case. For the record, there’s no overstating the case in this case.
  • He did prostitutes, a fact that could pose some political problems for Hillary Rodham Clinton, for whom Spitzer is a committed superdelegate.
  • He did prostitutes, which makes it much harder for him to become the first Jewish president, according to experts on MSNBC.
  • He did prostitutes, a pattern of behavior that drew a rebuke from New York state assemblyman Jim Tedisco, who represents one of the greatest districts in all of the Empire State (Schenectady).
  • He did prostitutes.