Dana Milbank has some fun with Client 9. But notes: “Silda Wall Spitzer looked like a victim of food poisoning as she stood by her man’s side. She cast her eyes downward at the 183-word statement while he read it. She raised her glance only briefly, when the governor admitted he had ‘acted in a way that violates my obligation to my family,’ when he offered an apology ‘to the public, whom I promised better,’ and again when he pledged to “dedicate some time to regain the trust of my family. The silent Mrs. Spitzer — Harvard law school graduate, corporate lawyer, nonprofit founder and mother of the governor’s three daughters — then led Client 9 away from the lectern.”

Can the wives of prostitute-humping public officials now be granted a pass from attending such post-bust press conferences ever again? On a side note, Mayor Fenty declared yesterday a very special day for women.

The Examiner strings up a series of obvious stories: Spring is coming which means cherry blossoms; Parking at Nats games is going to be a mess! And poor mothers are least likely to get prenatal care.

Intangible Arts mourns the soon-to-be closing Orpheus Records. Apparently the store is set to close this weekend. Our music blog had something to say about this development as well.

Prince of Petworth asks if the rumors are true: Were folks robbed at gunpoint after leaving the new Target?

Wonkette reviews the Mayflower Hotel room where Spitzer met “Kristen.” They give it “five whore diamonds.”

We wonder—since the rest of the Internet does as well—if this:

is bad for Hillary? Slate has some thoughts.