There’s a new detour on the Rock Creek bike trail—-new, that is, to anyone who didn’t use the trail last summer, when the exact same detour was in place. Heading north, from Thompson Boat Center, you go under the Whitehurst onto K, then right on 30th Street NW (yes, you’ll be going up the wrong way on a one-way street; look out for cars with diplomat tags doing the same thing). Then right on M Street NW, left on 28th Street NW. Except you can’t go left on 28th Street NW because the intersection is closed for construction. You’re on your own as to how to turn onto 28th Street NW, basically. Then, working your way from 28th to 26th Streets NW,  you skirt Rose Park and go down a green-mulched embankment off P Street NW, and get back on the bike trail! Easy!