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Some people want to believe D.C.’s sneakers-with-stockings fashion days are over. Sure, this is a conservative town, goes the argument, but conservative can be classy, sophisticated, and innovative—and then, of course, there are some people that completely reject the traditional look. A few street fashion blogs have popped up to chronicle our evolution. Rachel Cothran, creator of Project Beltway, seems to be at the forefront of this trend. She not only runs her own site, but also posts on Washingtonian magazine’s website.

But, in the world of style blogs, there’s no one bigger than “The Sartorialist,” aka Scott Schuman, the granddaddy of American street fashion. His photos appear on Vogue‘s website and in GQ‘s pages. And now, they’re also heading for Adamson Gallery on 14th Street. The show runs from March 15 until April 26, according to Schuman’s blog. Perhaps this exhibit is some great nod to D.C.’s burgeoning fashion consciousness. The gallery owner must have believed a good number of people here would give a damn about the photos.

I, for one, am all for a little more color, asymmetrical tailoring and ruffles on the streets. It livens up the pedestrian experience. But, there’s something to be said about maintaining a healthy distance from the fashion-obsessed mentality.

My favorite example of the ridiculousness actually comes The Sartorialist blog itself. Once Schuman snapped a photo of a high school friend of mine outside where she worked in lower Manhattan somewhere. Immediately after the picture went up, comment posters started speculating on the brand of her jacket, which fabulously enough, she’d had since tenth or eleventh grade. Then, twenty some comments later, one person wrote this bit of brilliance about her stance: “When did everyone start doing the ankle cross?”

Yes, we definitely need more conversation like that.