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A company called National Police Presence has just unveiled the law enforcement version of the fake alarm company sticker. Only it’s the size of a police car. And doesn’t move. The company promises that PatrolSmart decoys aren’t just blow-up po-po’s, but a “totally new kind of decoy vehicle for police, security and traffic calming applications.” The cars come equipped with realistic headlights and a radar signal generator that shows up on speedsters’ radar detectors. Best of all, says the promotional lit, “No maintenance!” The light bar on top of the car doesn’t come wired on the standard model.

I can’t wait to see what happens when a bunch of kids get their hands on one of the non-operating cars, parked with no one inside. Or what happens when they think they’ve found one—and a real officer comes down the street with his gun out. Actually, that doesn’t sound good at all.