* The Post puts five heads together to take a stab at my main concern about Kristen: What in the hell does she do that costs $4,300? The answer is…

That promise of quality often includes good looks, a clean bill of health and the ability to serve as a charming conversationalist and elegant companion at social functions.

…extremely boring! Call me when you hear more about what’s not, like, completely safe. In other Spitzer nonsense, Reliable Source has tracked down that Mann Act joke that’s on the tip of your tongue!

* Metro figures out what’s wrong with those pesky hybrid buses (via The Examiner). In other transport news, the cab meter launch has been pushed to May 1 (via WTOP).

* And the New York Times has the report on the blogging culture inside CPer Kriston Capp‘s rowhouse. A highlight: “Sometimes, Mr. Capps will send an instant message to signal when dinner is ready.”