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The Post reported today that a D.C. Superior Court judge delayed the switch from zones to meters for the thousands of District cabs: “The new deadline, replacing the April 6 starting date, came about after Judge Henry F. Greene ruled that the D.C. government had published different timetables for public comment on the final regulations for the new meter system. A city official blamed it on a typographical error.”

Cabbies see this as one small victory on their road to the larger victory of keeping the zone pay scheme. Good news for the cab drivers means that every fare no matter how far will still cost around $12 (with tip). It always seems like my fare is always the same no matter where I go. What I don’t get is if the drivers were so wedded to zone pay, why do they routinely seem to not be able to read the zones correctly.

Another thing I don’t get: Why couldn’t District lawyers come up with a better argument than a “typographical error?”