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Via Dan Steinberg, news that starting tomorrow at 9 a.m., you can vote on what songs you’d like to hear at Nationals Park. Nothing too surprising choice-wise—-U2, Toby Keith, a convicted sex offender for victories, Blur’s “Song 2” or perhaps Chuck Brown‘s “Busting Loose” for home runs (note: do not play that one if Elijah Dukes is rounding the horn; his minder might overreact).

I was sort of surprised by Steinberg’s now struck-through suggestion that some Minor Threat or Bad Brains would sound sweet during the seventh-inning stretch. Frankly, given the situation up in New York, I think unleashing “Pay to Cum” on ballgame attendees would be in especially poor taste. Especially since the GREATEST SPORTS SONG OF ALL TIME is local, available, and, shockingly, not on the list.