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DC radio fixture Chris Core got canned from WMAL recently.

He used to be part of the AM-630’s’s feel-good duo, Trumbull & Core. But for the last several years, the station has been Hatemonger Central — Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, etc. — and Core tried like heck to blend.

Every time I heard Core, he was begging listeners to harass lawmakers who didn’t hate immigrants or gays.

He used every watt available, for example, to get the anti-immigrant movement focused on Herndon — he even hosted several on-air hate rallies from the tiny burg — and helped get the mayor thrown out for supporting a day labor center. He lobbied a Herndon councilmember to introduce a measure making English the official language there.

He gave listeners names and phone numbers of Montgomery County board of education members with directions to pester anybody who supported a sex education curriculum that acknowledged the existence of homosexuality. Like every other show at the station, Core’s became as predictable as it was hateful.

Core has now taken out big ads on dcrtv.com, the great local media news/gossip site, saying that he’s “available!” and asking for another radio job. If I owned a station, I would want Core on my staff, knowing he’ll say anything he’s asked to say, and very professionally.