This morning, the Washington Post has a nice little scoop on how after well over a decade living in town, former Mayor Anthony A. Williams has put money down on a sweet new 2,146-square-foot pad at Jim Abdo‘s Landmark Lofts on H Street NE.

And Mayor Bowtie, now ensconced in a cushy corporate job, finally gave an explanation as to the delay in his homeownership:

Williams, 56, now chief executive of a real estate investment fund in Arlington, said he never bought property when he was running the city because of “the political and financial pressures. Politically, it was hard trying to pick an area.” Aides said the mayor realized that whatever neighborhood he chose would become fodder for public debate, to be chewed over and critiqued.

Oh, ferchrissakes. Like his decision not to own a home wasn’t endlessly chewed over and critiqued?

At one point, Williams was said to have been eyeing property in LeDroit Park. LL asks: Who possibly could have had a problem with LeDroit Park? It’s got history. It’s got majority-black demographics. It’s got a pedigree (former Mayor Walter Washington lived there). It’s got beautiful homes. I mean was Shepherd Park really gonna get pissed if you snubbed ’em?

Seriously, Tony, what’s real story?