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To those grousing about this morning’s helicopters hovering over Mount Pleasant: 1) Give it up; 2) You live in a city, remember?; 3) Hundreds of people lost their homes, ya know?

There was enough whining on the Shepherd Park listserv that WJLA‘s Managing Editor Dan Patrick had to respond. He wrote:

WJLA-TV and NewsChannel 8 has been getting complaints about “our helicopter” hovering over the scene of the Mount Pleasant fire this morning after a posting on a email group. I can assure you, due to flight restrictions post 9/11, our helicopter can come no closer than the northern portion of the Beltway in Montgomery County. We were not over the scene this morning, causing the noise issues for these residents. The only helicopters that would be allowed in the that airspace would be MPD’s helicopter or the United State’s Park Police helicopter.

And the response from a swell Shepherd Park citizen:

My sincere apologies to WJLA Channel 8. The helicopter hovering above Shepherd Park this morning was indeed a news helicopter, not military or police, but what looked like an ‘8’ was revealed to be a ‘6’ after the helicopter passed closer to my home. There is no Channel 6 in the DC area, but whoever they were need to be grounded, fined, and jailed.