The Acela this week racked up some scary stats: one man dead, one dog dead, three seriously injured.

Yesterday, a train traveling from D.C. to Boston hit a woman in Connecticut walking her dog on the tracks, killing the dog and nearly taking off her arm. She says she heard the train, but thought it was on another track.

The day before, an Acela D.C.-to-Boston, reportedly traveling under the 55 mph limit in Providence, R.I., hit three workers inspecting the tracks, killing one of them.

“It’s a blind spot,” Richard Bonafiglia, an employee of the Cadillac Lounge, which is near the site of the accident in Providence, told the Boston Globe.

“You can’t hear those trains; they’re electric,” he said. “It takes only a second….It’s a freak accident.”

The NTSB is investigating Wednesday’s accident, and will look at the speed of the train, if the brakes were used properly, and if the train blew a warning whistle, according to a spokesperson.