It’s gotta be a slow news weekend if….

The Washington Post‘s lead story is a preview of a Supreme Court hearing. Sure, this is an important—and local—one: District of Columbia v. Heller. It’ll decide whether the District’s draconian gun law passes constitutional muster in this day.

*In The Trail, Post staffer analyzes pitfalls of a hard push by Obama in Pennsylvania.

*And here’s an editorial decision sure to get considered in the media jury room known as Fuego/Frio: The Post mag runs a feature on street monuments.

*S.A. Miller of the Washington Times takes apart a bad week for the Dems, sans the glee and gloating that may have been attached to such a story years ago.

*New York Times does a nice job of framing the issue with the superdelegates v. pledged delegates. Seems that many of the former are drifting toward a stance that’ll follow the popular vote in the contest between Hillary and Obama.